Ajay Shenoy

Ajay Shenoy

United States of America
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San Jose, CA

Ajay sustained a C5 burst fracture diving into a shallow creek in Boulder, Colorado.

We asked Ajay what High Fives means to him – “High Fives means an uncompromising push to live your life to the fullest regardless of circumstance and believes that whole-heartedly and refuses to let injury limit what he is capable of accomplishing.” Currently, he is working on improving posture by focusing on trunk stability. He has very strong abdominal muscle spasms that give him a tendency to pull his trunk to one side, compromising overall posture. By strengthening the antagonist muscles, he will be able to achieve greater trunk stability and mitigate the effects of these strong muscle spasms.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.“

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High Fives has provided:

$2,500.00 towards Personal Training at SCI-Fit and Acupuncture

Ajay Shenoy

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