Brock Peterson

Brock Peterson

United States of America
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Virginia Beach VA

Brock was injured during a boating day with friends on July 3rd, 2021. He swam to the shore to visit his friend/manager from work. They were standing on a floating DJ platform, and he was excited to see a movie with his fiancé. So he dove off the dock and started to swim back to the boat. There was only one problem. He was not moving.

He opened his eyes and instantly knew he had broken his neck when he saw his arms dangling in front of his face down in the water. He stayed calm and tried to flip himself over. he almost accomplished this when he was hit by the wake of a passing boat that pushed him back onto his stomach. At this point, he thought he was going to drown and die right there. He held his breath as long as possible and started to gag. Directly before he passed, his friend flipped him over and said that he had taken an enormous of air. Brock was then loaded onto a Coast Guard boat and loaded into an ambulance to Virginia Beach General. He was informed he had fractured C3-C7 but C5 was the biggest concern. Two days later, Brock had a corpectomy with a cage and plate from C4 to C6. At this point, he could barely move his arms and had almost no sensation throughout his body.

“Get better every single day”

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Brock Peterson

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