Candice Dungan

Candice Dungan

United States of America
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Golden, CO

Candice Dungan is one of the top female downhill skateboarders in the world! She has won races as far as Peru and resides in Colorado, where she enjoys progressing her skills and speed down the steep mountain passes.

While practicing for the upcoming IDF World Tour, Candice crashed and hit a guard rail with her back, while wearing a spine protector. She was admitted to the hospital and had her T10 – L2 stabilized with 8 screws and 2 rods. Candice is determined and staying positive.

Candice is now living in Golden, CO and traveling the world to do two things: race adaptive streetluges and host Downhill Racing events. She is also working on her recovery, and currently able to independently walk with AFOs and a walker – that’s a big improvement from being told by every doctor after her injury that she would never recover or walk again!

“If you can’t dream it, then you can’t realize it.“

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High Fives has provided:

Personal Training at PEAK and Accupuncture with LiXin (2019). Personal Training at the PEAK Center and FES Training and Acupuncture at Craig Hospital (2018).

Candice Dungan

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