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Emmett Lyman

Emmett Lyman | Charleston, MA

Emmett’s lifelong pursuit of adventure in wild places brought him around the world to climb rock and ice. In June 2018, Emmett was establishing a new alpine rock route on an unexplored, unclimbed peak in the remote southern Alaska Range when rock fall knocked him off the ridge he was climbing. He survived a harrowing cliffside rescue after sustaining a traumatic brain injury, a compound fracture of his right forearm, and a fracture to his spinal vertebrae at the C5-C7 level, resulting in quadriplegia. He has now dedicated himself fully to regaining strength and mobility in daily therapy. He looks forward to getting back into the mountains he loves, spreading awareness of spinal cord injury and research, and bringing newfound insight back to his career helping reform the healthcare industry to better align providers, payers, and patients.

“Believe in the positive: This is life and its worth living intentionally.”



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