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Jackson Racicot

Jackson Racicot | Whitehall, Montana

Jack wanted to take a girl he had recently been seeing on a fun date. He took her to the mountain for some afternoon laps on a bluebird day. Unfortunately, something went very wrong; Jack was doing laps through the terrain park when his board came out from under him, he fell, and knew he was instantly paralyzed.

Jack explains, “the doctors listed me as in AISA A but I don’t believe it and I won’t let it hold me back. I know I will walk again”. He is committed to his recovery entirely.

“If you want something different stop accepting what you’re used to”



$1,000 Cognitive Computer Games, Winter Clothing, Outdoor Activities

Receiving this empowerment grant means to me that there is hope I will get more opportunities to go outdoors and enjoy the activities I was once able to do before.

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