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Ryan Bodine

RYAN BODINE | Nevada City, CA

While snowboarding at Sugarbowl in January 2020, Ryan hit a jump in the terrain park with too much speed. He was sent flying through the air past the landing and came down on his lower back. This crash resulted in a C7 vertebrae burst fracture. 

“Drink more water… or you might die”



Healing Network, Karen Stubbs Massage x 10 $900 & Barbara DeLeon Acupuncture X 8 $640

Having been so lucky to recover extremely quickly, my main goal is to snowboard again. Along with snowboarding, my goals are to run a mile, surf, and rock climb. A long term goal I have is to hike Half Dome. High Fives has been very supportive of me since meeting Roy a few days after my injury. High Fives is a community that I am proud to represent.

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