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VICTORIA FEIGE | Vancouver, Canada

At the age of 18, Victoria was snowboarding when she overshot a jump and landed hard, falling 12-15 feet. This fall resulted in an incomplete T12 spinal cord injury. Since then, she has returned to a variety of sports and has even become a 2x Women’s World Adaptive Surfing Champion.

“If my life is mine, what shouldn’t I do” – Emily Haines



Adaptive Equipment, Bird Surf Shed Custom Kneeboard $595

This grant will help me get a custom adaptive kneeboard fit to my body. I'm an adaptive surfing champion who surfs in a kneeling position and I'm currently riding small stand up surfboard. This custom kneeboard would help me progress in my surfing to faster turns, cutbacks and snaps. his would allow me to train, compete and continue to raise the level of my surfing.

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