Celebrating Success at the 10th Annual Mothership Classic

What an extraordinary day we experienced on Sunday, March 24th at the 10th Annual Mothership Classic held at Palisades Tahoe! Surrounded by the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains, fresh pow, and sunshine, the event was not just about skiing or snowboarding—it served as a demonstration of the power of community.

From the first bell to the last pow stash, the slopes echoed with the cheers of fellow athletes and supporters, creating an electric atmosphere that fueled every turn and jump. If you are interested in how many laps you completed you can view full lap results HERE. (Please note RFID is not 100% accurate.)

Indeed, Palisades Tahoe transformed into a sanctuary during the Mothership Classic with Military to the Mountains participants handing out Fireside pizza under a huge inflatable arch sponsored by Arcade Belts. Participants dressed in jerseys, eclectic costumes, and brought out their skinny skis.

View the Pizza Photo Album HERE!

The arch is the entryway to the dedicated line for Mothership participants. It became a place where individuals with diverse abilities converged to inspire, support, and celebrate each other’s achievements. As Aimee, a passionate snowboarder, expressed, there’s nothing quite like the energy of the Mothership Classic, where camaraderie flourishes amidst KT-22 and shared moments of competition.

But perhaps Sean, High Fives athlete #355, summarized it bestthe Mothership Classic is about camaraderie & empowerment.

“Thanks to High Fives, it hasn’t been as drastic of a change as you might think…The community High Fives has built is incredible and you guys are a huge part of that. So thanks for coming out today. Thanks for shredding and party on.”

– Sean Kent, High Fives Athlete

Thanks to the incredible generosity and support of this community, we not only met but massively exceeded our fundraising goal. Together, we created a record-breaking wave of support that will enable us to continue serving as the safety net of the outdoor sports community.

We invite you to relive the magic of the day through the photo album HERE

To each and every one of you who contributed, volunteered, or participated in any way—thank you. Your belief in our mission and your unwavering support are the driving forces behind our success.