Feel Good Alive Day!

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to get to experience many fun, inspiring, tear-jerking events together as members of the High Fives staff. High Fives gets to experience the community together in Truckee and also gets to share other’s communities together while on camps and different events all over North America.

Recently we were fortunate to be able to mold two crazy, fun, and freezing events into one. The first being a generous check presentation from a long time partner of the Foundation, Boreal Mountain, and the other one being an ice-cold dip in Donner Lake to celebrate High Fives Founder and CEO’s alive day

Alive Day


For those who may not know, an Alive day is what many with life-changing injuries call the day that their injury occurred. For Example, Roy Tuscany broke his back on April 29, 2006, so April 29th is his Alive Day.

As a tradition, every year since his accident occurred in 2006, Roy has gone and jumped in Donner Lake. Being a tight-knit community, the High Fives staff wouldn’t let Roy go in the sub-50-degree water alone.

Our friends at Boreal Mountain California had been planning to present us with a check from the FIVE Play Forever Fridays that they had hosted. When they learned that we were going to be celebrating Roy’s Alive Day by jumping into Donner Lake, they found the perfect time and place to have a check presentation – Late April and in a lake.

So at 7 AM on the 29th of April, 16 years after Roy broke his back, the staff of the Foundation that was started in large part because of Roy’s accident, took the plunge. This year was extra special because some of the staff from Boreal Mountain also took the plunge and they brought with them a check for $17,500.

The generous and amazing check presented by our good friends at Boreal Mountain
Before the dip!
To late to back out now!
The faces tell all!

Thank you very much to Boreal Mountain. Your generosity will go a long way in returning injured athletes to the sports they love.