Five for Fives

Every once in a rare while, you encounter a place where all the pieces for creating good times come together. The beers are fine, the patio’s alive, the food is great and the vibe is right. This is one such place. Welcome to The Brewer’s Cabinet, where creating the right environment is as important to us as crafting the perfect beer. Thank You!

The best outdoor products on the market. Period. LEKI is the world’s leading manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Nordic Walking poles. For over 60 years, outdoor enthusiasts have appreciated the quality, value and technology that goes into each and every one of their products. Whether you like to Ski, Trek or Nordic Walk, they hope to guide, educate and equip you. They focus their extensive European research and independent testing on one thing: making the best poles for each person out there. Because poles, race gear and gloves are their only business, they aren’t distracted with designing other lines of merchandise; they are the pole experts. So, when deciding which brand of poles to buy for your active lifestyle, there’s no comparison. Thank you!

Custom Waveski Boards. Designed, crafted and tested by master-shaper and world waveski champion Ian Macleod, their brand is renowned for it’s high-performance waveski’s which have been surfed by national and international competition winners and thrill-seekers in all conditions and at top wave-spots around the world. Since 1979 the family legacy of the MACSKI brand has become iconic in the world of competitive waveski manufacturing. Thank you!

The Tahoe Trail Bar has been fueling the journey for people who enjoy the outdoors in the Lake Tahoe Basin for 8 years. Because of its great taste, healthy all-natural ingredients and consistent quality, Tahoe Trail Bars are now distributed not only around the Lake Tahoe Basin but also throughout the United States. They donate $0.05 for every bar sold during promotional events. Thank you!

At SYNC we help athletes push limits, challenge the status quo and strive for that which is beyond the horizon.SYNC is a group of passionate athletes dedicated to making the best products for your best performance. We work closely with elite athletes who bring their steadfast dedication, meticulous preparation and attention to every detail to the product design process. SYNC has pledged to donate $25 from the sale of every Athlete Pack to the High Fives Foundation. Thank you!

Started in the Spring of 2002,, otherwise known as DCS, has slowly grown into the premier vinyl diecut sticker manufacturer. With over 1,700 clients in 6 countries, we have taken great pride in servicing each and every client as if they were family. No job is too big or too small for us and we have expanded our operations over the years to include full-color diecuts, screen-print stickers, banners and now full or partial vehicle/trailer wraps. Thank you!

Born in the California Mountains on the shores of Tahoe, the bigtruck brand was forged in a community that prioritizes active fun. Their mission is to support stoke through creative and function focused lifestyle products. Specializing in hand-cut, hand sewn headwear out of Northern Ca, bigtruck provides variety; allowing our customers to choose and celebrate their own style. BigTruck Brand has pledged to donate $0.05 from the sale of every hat online to the High Fives Foundation. Thank you!

A US Manufacturer that focuses on face-gear, Phunkshun Wear combines technical applications, top quality fabrics milled in the USA, and a seemingly endless amount of graphic options in their production. Their focus is on making a product that not only performs exceptionally well in winter weather, but also looks great and lasts. Phunkshun Wear has pledged to donate $0.05 every mask sold since 2014 to the High Fives Foundation. Thank you!

We believe in supporting our local community. Our original Vermont Collection is proudly made just two hours away from our Burlington headquarters, which allows us to provide you with an always-fresh collection. Our seamstresses work from home in the northern part of the state, a region with a rich history in garment manufacturing. Supporting this local industry inspires a unique connection to the area and is just one element of Skida’s contribution to the community.

Full Belly Deli was born over a fresh-baked loaf of jalapeño-cheddar bread and two PBRs. Co-owners Eric Barton & Tom Marrin have a few things in common but the strongest bond is their love of a good deli sandwich. This “We are family” mentality exists outside the deli too where FBD has a strong commitment to supporting the Truckee/Tahoe community. It’s not rare to see the crew throwing down for charities and organizations. Thank you!

Parlor co-founders Mark Wallace, Pete Endres and Jason Epstein grew up in New England cutting their teeth in the youth race leagues, and later honing their skills through academy, collegiate and professional circuits. They know New England Skiing and it’s their home. Whether they are laying arcs in the boiler plate of northern Maine, or taking a trip to the white room in a gully in Vermont, there is no where they are happier, or feel more free. Parlor was founded on shared passion for skiing, New England, and designing and building great products. Their goal is to share this passion with as many people as they can. They believe strongly in the New England tradition of hard work and making things the right way, with your hands. They are proud to make each pair of skis to order in their East Boston factory. Welcome to the Parlor; it’s different here. Thank you!

Tahoe Sports Hub is a family owned and run sporting goods shop located in Truckee California. Tahoe Sports Hub is your year-round destination for mountain recreation. They offer quality apparel, equipment, and expert advice for all of your outdoor adventures. They also have Mountain Bike, Cruiser Bike, E-Bike, Stand Up Paddleboard, and Kayak rentals and demos! They are proud to be Truckee’s premier outdoor shop. Husband and wife team Wrenn and Rob Cavallo partnered with their friend Brian Murphy to buy the The Sports Exchange in November of 2013 and renamed it Tahoe Sports Hub. The owners and employees are all passionate skiers, snowboarders, paddlers, climbers, or mountain bikers. The Tahoe Sports Hub team feels very lucky to serve the Truckee-Tahoe community and share their passion for the outdoors with their clients. Thank you!

Pret develops revolutionary gear that reflects our demand for performance, our spirit of innovation, our love of the outdoors and our deep understanding of the people who share our passion. Pret has committed to donate $0.05 per helmet on 17/18 preseason orders and High Fives will distribute helmets to underprivileged kids and High Five Athletes. Thank you!

SnoShark is a Lake Tahoe based, family run company offering the first truly compact hand-held snow removal tool on the market. Like all great inventions, SnoShark was born from necessity. After 15 years living in the Sierra’s we recognized a need for for a convenient tool that could offer cross-functionality yet be compact enough to store in your vehicle. SnoShark is a convenient, highly effective and fully collapsible way to remove snow from the highest points of coupes and sedans (and most SUV’s!) with ease. And, we couldn’t be happier to give back to our local High Fives Foundation. SnoShark has pledged to donate $0.50 from the sale of each and every paddle sold online. Thank you!

Flylow’s sustainability journey could easily be compared to skiing into a backcountry yurt in a heavy snowstorm. The skin track may be covered at times, and the map and landmarks don’t always match up. Despite these unknowns, the objective is as clear as the bluebird powder day that promises to unveil the next morning. By weighing decisions against its core values and using its guiding principles as a compass, Flylow is confident in its ability to achieve ambitious objectives as stated in the long-term sustainability plan. Flylow has pledged $5 of every Stashpant and Stringfellow Jacket to the High Fives Foundation. Thank you!

Why do we design and handcraft every pair of Sego Ski Co. skis in our own manufacturing facility? Because we’re dedicated to providing skiers with the tools they need to go have serious fun, confidently. Our design process is athlete-driven: the skiers who extensively prototyped the boards you just purchased are the same individuals who made them. We know that having reliable equipment is paramount to getting out there and having fun every day. So each material we use is tested and approved before going into any of our products to assure the utmost quality from the beginning. Sego Ski Co. skis are of the highest quality available on the market. And that’s our promise. No gimmicks, no bullshit—just skiing. For each full price ski model sale ($749 – $949) Sego Skis is pledging to give 10% to High Fives Foundation. Thank you!

Le Grand Adventure Tours offers guided day & multi-day tours for Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Stand Up Padding & Surfing. Locations include the Lake Tahoe – Truckee area, Northern California, France, Switzerland, Colorado & more! They have a passion for the outdoors, adventure, sports, traveling the world, and building one’s dreams into a reality. Their mission is to provide an amazing customer experience, offering guests once-in-a-lifetime adventures and high-quality tours, through safe instructional guiding. LGA has committed to donating 5% of every Five For Fives card sold to the Foundation. This card gives you 5 day tours around the Lake Tahoe -Truckee area year round. This card is great for families, groups, individuals, and anyone wanting to support the High Fives Foundation’s mission. Thank you!

Why act your age?  Dr. Ni’s OC2 is two-part frame support for adults who want to stay strong and active. Developed by sports medicine doctor Naomi L. Albertson, M.D., Dr. Ni’s OC2 starts with optimal amounts of calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium to support healthy bones. And because we all begin losing muscle in our 30’s as a normal part of aging, Dr. Ni’s OC2 also includes creatine monohydrate to promote better muscle strength gains from exercise.  It’s total frame support to help you stay strong and active for a lifetime! Dr. Ni’s will be supporting our athletes by donating $0.50 for each jar sold of their bone health and muscle strength supplement, Dr. Ni’s OC2. Thank you!

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