Just like all things, Trevor Kennison crushes Arcade Belt Goals.

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program

The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals.

When an individual is approved for a High Fives grant, we ask them to set a goal with the date that they plan to achieve it. We have noticed that these individuals set lofty goals and work incredibly hard to reach them. More often than not, these goals are accomplished before their original completion date.

Once a Goal is completed, High Fives sends the Athlete an Arcade Belt with a star on it. Each time an Athlete receives a grant we ask them to set a new goal. When that goal is complete we send them another belt. It is amazing to see Athletes build their confidence and abilities with each new goal they complete. In short, The Arcade Belt Goal program inspires Athletes to push themselves to the limits. It creates a healthy lifestyle while breaking barriers within oneself.


We recently gave superstar sit skier Trevor Kennison a grant and asked him, What goal would you like to set for yourself Trev? We have know Trevor for a number of years now and expected him to set some wild audacious goal that would certainly set him up to break a world record or at the very least gain thousands of followers. But Trevor took a slightly more stoic approach and chose to focus on something even more important then progressing a sport; he chose to focus on himself.

Trevor knew that if he was to be able to perform at the highest level, that the drive and focus to perform starts from within. Trevor set the goal to be completely mentally strong and focused. We 100 percent backed this goal. We strongly believe that mental strength is just as important as physical. If you are going to be pushing the envelope of what was thought possible for a sport, your mental game needs to be strong.

We set Trevor up with a sports phycologist and he began sessions with them. He improved his focus and the way he approaches new challenges and how he deals with nerves that come along with it.

We will get to see Trevor put these new tools to use on the world stage this upcoming Sunday as he takes on X-Games and the world record for the biggest jump ever hit on a sit ski.

The Arcade Belt Program


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