Limited Edition Magped x High Fives Pedals Offer Opportunity to Give Back and Improve Accessibility in Biking

Magped Magnetic Bike Pedals and the High Fives Foundation have announced a partnership that aims to promote accessibility in biking and outdoor sports. The collaboration brings together Magped’s innovative magnetic pedal technology and High Fives Foundation’s mission to support injured athletes and improve accessibility to outdoor sports. Pedals are avilable HERE.

“We are thrilled to partner with Magped to make biking more available to everyone. Magped’s innovative magnetic pedal technology will make it easier for injured athletes to return to the sports they love, including me, and we’re grateful for their support.”

Roy Tuscany, the Executive Director of the High Fives Foundation, expressed his excitement about the partnership

As part of the partnership, Magped will be offering a limited edition MagPed x High Fives collaboration pedal. For every pair of these pedals sold, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the High Fives Foundation. This is a great opportunity for outdoor sports enthusiasts to support a good cause while also getting their hands on some cutting-edge bike technology.

In addition to the collaboration pedals, Magped and the High Fives Foundation will also be working together on events and outreach efforts to promote accessibility and inclusivity in biking and outdoor sports. This will include events such as the Sea Otter Classic.

Overall, the partnership between Magped and the High Fives Foundation is an exciting development for the world of outdoor sports. By combining innovative technology with the mission of a non-profit organization, the two organizations can make a positive impact on the lives of injured athletes and anyone looking to get involved in biking and other sports.