Pete Stetina: Racing bikes and raising funds

The man behind Paydirt and Mauna Kea Challenge 

Pete Stetina

Pete Stetina has had a storied career; however, that career has not come without its fair share of heartbreak, trials, and tribulations.

In 2013, Stetina’s Father was tragically struck by a car while riding his road bike. Thankfully he survived the crash, though as a result he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. It was at this moment when Peter really began to see the importance of community and resources in the recovery of a life-changing injury.

In 2015, Pete shattered his leg and knee cap during the Tour of the Basque Country. This was a very severe crash and Pete was told that if his leg did not heal perfectly that it may need to be amputated. With this motivation, Pete poured his heart and soul into his rehab to salvage not only his leg, but his professional riding career as well. These events certainly fall under the category of “life-changing”. They’ve molded Pete into who he is today. The cycling community, friends, and families rallied together for Pete. Fortunately, he was able to make a full recovery and save his career. This accident further exemplified the power and need for community while overcoming a life-changing injuries.

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In instances like these two, you really, and I mean really, learn to appreciate the small things and the community that supports you. After getting my career back on track I wanted to find a way to give back to the cycling community and also support those who have suffered a life-altering injury through sport. I co-created Stetina’s Sierra Prospect (which has evolved into the Paydirt) to celebrate our 2-wheeled community and also support the High Fives Foundation.

Since 2017, Peter Stetina has raised over $63,000 for High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, and has been a valued member on our Board of Trustees since 2019. 

The Events

Pay Dirt 

Professional Cyclist Peter Stetina discovered his love of gravel and spirit of exploration in this range. It took a lot of dead ends and calls for help, but we finally hit Paydirt. Together with Carson City, we invite you for the expedition of a lifetime. Registration will soon be open, so keep posted to make sure you get your chance to ride with legend of the sport, Pete Stetina.

Sign Up Here for Paydirt

Mauna Kea Challenge

What’s BIGGER than Mt Everest? …Mauna Kea. 

While not higher in elevation, it’s technically the biggest mountain in the world, rising 33,500 ft from the ocean floor.

The challenge is to collectively summit Mauna Kea (10x) TOGETHER and raise funds for High Fives. (*167,500 ft)

Stay posted to the link below for any further information about the event.

Mauna Key Challenge 

Thank you for all you have done for High Fives Pete, we are so proud to be able to work with you! We all look forward to more riding and events in the future!

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