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Because of you, we stared down at the lofty goal of raising $250,000 and challenged it as we always do; further raising the bar as the safety-net of the outdoor sports community. Collectively we gathered a total of $272,641 in direct support of athletes and veterans in need. We celebrated the 10th Anniversary of this staple event by taking hot laps on Super Bravo, sharing impactful moments, and sporting our impressively funky helmets and creative outfits (looking at you, Annabelle and Whit!).

We won’t deny that the slopes of Sugarbush looked a little different this year with smiles hidden behind masks, but your smiles were felt through it all, and this barrier only further proves that this community is unlike any other.

We have the ability to create change for the entire outdoor community from this annual event. In its tenth year, it showed that our collective group of partners, athletes, volunteers, staff, donors and participants can adapt and overcome with the goals of putting the “fun” in fundraising and continuing the mission.

says Roy Tuscany, Vermont Native and High Fives CEO.



Top 5 Individuals

Richard Lewis ($31,967 raised)
Adam Palmeter ($13,324 raised)
Win Smith III ($6,648 raised)
Ronald Nardone ($5,823 raised)
Team Doyle ($4,689 raised)

Top Duo Fundraisers

Rubi & Mae Murphy ($33,773 raised)

First Place Trio

Emmitt, Bradley & Felicity Allen ($4,114 raised)

Top Team Fundraisers

Team ($40,096 raised)
Pow!Da Killers ($40,010 raised)
Bush Pilot Alumni and Family ($16,763 raised)
#LoveLikeMaryHarris ($10,950 raised)


On Slope Challenges

Best High Five
Waverly Phillips

Best Dressed
Whit Smith

First to Chair #5
Anne and Desiree Rosdahl

Crazy Helmet Decor
Annabelle Apigian

Off Slope Challenges

Fundraiser with the most donors
Zach Allen with 88 donors

Fundraiser with the highest donation
Adam Palmiter with a $5,000 online donation

Fundraiser with the most exact $55 donations
Zach Allen

Fundraiser with donations from the most states
Kyle Titsworth with 12 states

Fundraiser who raises the most money day of event
Silvia Doyle with $1,587

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