#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka reminds us what we need to focus on for 2016!

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#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka getting face shots! PC// Kurka

Happy New Year!

With the holidays just ending, the time off to see the family, the break away from the gym, the food. Hasn’t made us lose the edge, in fact it gives strength to an athlete. The time away, helps us to better focus on what needs to be done. The family, helps us realize where it is we’ve come from and where it is we are going. The food reminds us we need to hit it hard, when we get back after it. It can be a time to remind us why it is we do what we do, for the love of the sport. For a chance to be remembered, not just for the legacy, but in the hearts of many that can say “He inspired me” or “Thats when i knew who i wanted to be”. Its that chance to be an example to others, which is why the holidays are so amazing. the time off reminds us exactly what it is we need to focus on.

#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka PC// Kurka

Now don’t get me wrong, i didn’t stop skiing. I just skied differently, training was in the morning and in Alaska closer to family for 14 days over the holidays. With free skiing in the afternoon and evening. Even had a chance to ski christmas chute which was my adversary back in the day, i was the first monoskier to ski it and to re visit those memories helped me to realize, exactly how far i have come.

#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka in Europe PC// Kurka

Whats amazing about skiing at Alyeska in Alaska other than it is where i had my humble beginnings. Is the Powder and the night skiing is hard to beat. There was nearly 90 new inches of powder at the top while i was there, which made for some fantastic powder skiing and truly helped me get my head on my shoulders and realize why i love and do this sport. But what was even better is i had a chance to sit in Challenge Alaska ski school, where it all began for me. See the shining young smiling faces, have the new young athletes say hi and ask me for my autograph and go skiing. It gave me a chance to hopefully inspire the next generation to pursue the difference that can be made with an extraordinary life. Or to at least pursue above ordinary one.

#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka at Alyeska in Alaska PC// Kurka

After the holidays the team took a strong week to gather our wits and start training to get back in the zone in Aspen Colorado. Skiing from the top of Ajax and buttermilk mountain all the way to Highlands. To experience as many conditions as possible and challenge ourselves with the terrain.

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#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka in Austria PC// Kurka

After training in Aspen the team has made our way to Europe to start the World Cup season. Many of us can’t wait and are excited, but the snowfall here hasn’t been all to great so our first race which was supposed to be in Abtenau Austria has been moved and delayed to Kransja Gora Slovenia. Which has given us an extra few days to relax and get acclimated to the time change. While getting a chance to tour the city of Innsbruck Austria and ski the top of the world famous Kitzbuhul Downhill. One experience that was great for me, was while touring a museum here in Austria I was able to look back at records where my mothers maiden name goes all the way back to the 1500s. Something else that was personally touching is I had a chance to say a prayer in the famous Jacobs Cathedral and light a candle in honor of those who have lost their lives due to disabilities.

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#HighFivesAthlete Andrew Kurka PC// Kurka

In the next week TeamUSA will be competing in Slovenia and traveling to Tarvisio Italy for some Giant Slalom and Slalom competitions, I will do my best to keep you updated! Thank you for your time, your support, and for following on my adventure.

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