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Happy 5 Year Anniversary SNOCRU!

This month SNOCRU is celebrating their 5 year anniversary! Thank you SNOCRU for your continued support in High Fives and congratulations on your success! SNOCRU app Founder Ed Lewis shares his appreciation to SNOCRU supporters in the letter below.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you being a part of the SNOCRU community. Thank you for your continued use of SNOCRU and your loyalty. The support you have given us over the past 5 years means the world. Just last year SNOCRU grew 69% the year before was 50%. The 2015/16 winter we descended over 410,000,000 vertical feet with some of you accounting for 3,000,000 of it on your own!

You should be proud to know that over the past 5 years SNOCRU has donated over $160,000 to non profits across the snowsports industry. With your help we’ve partnered with amazing groups like High Fives Foundation, Protect Our Winters, Utah Avalanche Center, Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Park City Community Foundation, Learn to Ski and Snowboard, and many more.

I’ve always expected SNOCRU to inspire people by offering a product and service that’s so intune with our customers that loyalty follows, not just for a season pass, but for a lifetime. Over the past 5 years I have received so much great input and feedback from you with only the best intentions for SNOCRU. It’s incredible and I’m extremely grateful for it.

A startup going 5+ years, the odds were against us. Thank you and congrats to us!”

Sincerly, Ed Lewis

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