5 day Fundraiser for High Fives by Level 1

5 day Fundraiser for High Fives by Level 1

Level 1 is donating $5 from every order, over $10, May 1st – 5th!

Partnering with Level 1 is a true full-circle relationship for me personally. Growing up on the East Coast, and being apart of the early years of Josh's film career i.e. Pre-Balance Years and the early years of Balance, Second Generation & Strike Three, now 22 years later to find this collaborative relationship is a true high five to friendship.

says Roy Tuscany, CEO & Founder of High Fives Foundation


Level 1 is a group of talented filmmakers, photographers, and designers, trekking the globe to capture compelling images of the best skiing action, and cutting them up to deliver premium content and stories to a big screen, TV, or computer near you!
Level 1 is a tight-knit family of the most talented skiers on the scene who work year-round to bring their specific vision and style to the mountains, hills, terrain parks, and streets.
THEY ARE all passionate about what they do, guarded about what they put the Level 1 stamp on, and determined to stay true to our vision.
They are a brand that stands for all of these things and so much more! 

Thank you Level 1 for your continued support in our mission!

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