$16,762 Awarded to Five Athletes in March


Randy was injured on February 26, 2012 while snowmobiling. He suffered a burst fracture of his T12 vertebrae, compression fractures of L1-L4 and fractures to his vertebrae wings. Despite all of the broken vertebrae, Randy is very lucky to not have suffered any spinal cord damage. Randy is good friends with Highlighted Athlete Grant Korgan and is an Alpine Assassins athlete. We are stoked to see Randy on his way to recovery.

  • Grant Request TOTAL…..$2,500.00

Healing Network
PT Sessions………………$800.00
20 Acupuncture Session, Master Lu………..$1,000.00
10 Massage Sessions……….$700.00


On January 13th, 2000 Jasmin was in a car accident when he fell asleep at the wheel burst fracturing his T9 vertebrae, leaving him a complete paraplegic. Since Jasmins accident he has become an accomplished ski racer, competing in the Paralympics. Jasmins goal is to win a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Socci, Russia and the High Fives Foundation is behind him in his pursuit.

  • Grant Request TOTAL……$3,500.00

Training, Coaching, Pass, Gym, Ski Storage………$3,500.00


Greg was skiing with his 2 sons on February 23, 2012 and they decided to hit some jumps in the park. On one of the jumps Greg decided to go first and come up short of the landing. Upon impact Greg suffered 2 bilateral (shattered) heal fractures. Greg has been in a lot of pain, and does not have insurance. He hopes to make a 100% recovery with hard work and support from the High Fives Foundation.

  • Grant Request TOTAL…….$2,950.00

Healing Network
12 Acupuncture Sessions with Michael Kerrigan…….$810.00
6 Massage Sessions with Karen Stubbs……$420.00
12 PT Sessions with Scott Williams………$1,080.00
Miscellaneous (pool pass, alternative healing)……$190.00
Living Costs
Whole Foods Gift Cards……$450.00


Darren got stuck in an early season avalanche on November 28, 2010 and he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that caused partial paralysis in his face. Darren had not seen many physical improvements until he started working with Karen Stubbs 6 months ago. Darren and his girlfriend have been amazed by recent results, however, the gas from South Lake Tahoe is starting to become a financial burden. The High Fives Foundation is stoked to help alleviate some of these costs.

  • Grant Request TOTAL……$5,550.00

Healing Network
30 Massage Sessions with Karen Stubbs……$2,100.00
30 Acupuncture Sessions, Elevate Wellness Center….$2,250.00


Grant was involved in a March 5th, 2010 snowmobile accident that left him paralyzed from L1 down. Grant has worked tremendously hard on his recovery and is walking today. He recently became the first adaptive athlete to reach the South Pole on the 100-year anniversary of the first trek to the pole. The sky is the limit for Grant Korgan and his desire and work ethic will surely take him to the top. During this trip that Grant is applying for he will be competing in the Molokai Paddleboard Championships and promoting for the High Fives Foundation.

  • Grant Request TOTAL……….$2,262.00

Healing Network
4 Sessions with Kazuko, Body Kenesiology…..$352.00
12 Sessions with Alejandro………$960.00
Rental Car
Rental Car, May 14-June 14……..$950.00
Rental House, May 14-June 14……Donated

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