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As an athlete, there is nothing more gut wrenching than sustaining an injury that keeps you from participating in the sport you love. No matter how an injury occurred, our mission at High Fives Foundation is to provide athletes with the hope and resources they need to get back to their favorite outdoor activities.


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"It will never be the same, but it can still be awesome."

-Roy Tuscany

One way we seek to help athletes overcome life-changing injuries is through our adaptive fishing charity. By allowing athletes to be immersed in the thrill of throwing a line up stream and getting a bite, our team has seen firsthand how fly fishing is a form of therapy.

From experiencing the healing power of the river waters to learning new fishing techniques, we are proud to be an organization that allows our participants to be challenged and supported as they work through the hardships they have endured.

Understanding Our Mission


Along with our adaptive fish charity, we also offer various other sport charities, such as skiing, surfing, mountain biking, and dirt biking, among others. Whether our athletes were involved in a more thrilling sport or something more calming, we will ensure their mental and physical health are thriving as they step back into the world of their sport.

If you are passionate about our mission, we invite you to donate today. We cannot do what we do without your support. You can also reach out to us if you would like to know more information.

Join us in changing lives.

Join us in our mission to transform lives through adaptive snow sports. Register for an event, sign up as a volunteer, or make a donation today through our contact page. Together, let's create a world where disability doesn't limit the thrill of sports. Let's make the slopes accessible to all with our adaptive snow sports charity events.

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