Adaptive Advancement: Genny Mobility

Adaptive Advancement: Genny Mobility


Why Choose Genny?

Because until today there was nothing like it.

Genny 2.0 inaugurates a new transportation philosophy in personal mobility. Thanks to its stabilization technology it brings its users together in the name of the freedom of movement, and makes differences disappear.

Anyone who uses a traditional wheelchair knows perfectly the difficulties one encounters every single day.

Constantly having to look down to the ground to avoid the little wheels to get stuck into little holes or cracks in the pavement and always having your hands tied up and often dirty can be very frustrating. Not to mention the problems rising when it rains and one finds himself not only getting wet because the simple gesture of holding an umbrella is impossible. And last but not least there are the risks of taking small steps or riding downhill on slippery ground.

Genny 2.0 instantly resolves all these problems.

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