Adaptive Advancement: Grant Korgan is Unstoppable

Adaptive Advancement: Grant Korgan is Unstoppable!

The co-owner of the professional snowmobile team “Alpine Assassins”, Grant was hurt in March of 2010 while filming for the upcoming movie, Alpine AssassiNATION. Grant suffered a L-1 burst fracture that left him paralyzed from the waist down. The Winter Empowerment Fund has aided in Grant’s recovery which enabled him to become the first adaptive athlete to reach the south pole!

One year after his accident, Grant returned to snowmobiling on March 5, 2011…

Additionally, Grant returned to the sport of aviation on the two year anniversary of his accident. He got to fly a helicopter to mark the day and let everyone know that the sky is the limit in regards to the future of recovery from spinal cord injury.

This summer Korg experimented with his goal of learning the sport of hydro-foiling. This coincided with his 35th birthday!

In February, 2013 Grant again took to the skies (this time in Utah) to get some amazing paramotoring in. Go Korg!

Its not about what Ive done, its about what I am going to do Grant Korgan

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