Adaptive Advancement: Nissin Monoski

Adaptive Advancement: Nissin Monoski

On Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013, Winter Empowerment athlete Chris Slavin (Ipswich, MA) skied her way to the bronze medal at the NCSD Winter Park Open in Winter Park, CO. Chris utilized the Nissin Mono-Ski which the High Fives Foundation provided her through the Winter Empowerment Fund.

About Chris Slavin: Chris was born with a genetic disorder called Small Patella Syndrome, which affected the way her bones developed causing her to use braces and forearm crutches to get around. Despite Chris disability she has always been active in sports, and had a love for competition. In 2007, while competing in the adaptive division at USASA Nationals at Northstar in Tahoe, Chris crashed during a slopestyle event and sustained an L1 incomplete SCI. Within 9 months of her accident Chris began monoskiing and currently has her sights set on the 2014 Paralympics.

The High Fives Foundation has provided Chris with a Monoski from Nissin, Aspen Seating custom bucket and mono-ski accessories.

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  1. I am a PSIA adaptive ski instructor that Founder a Non-Profit and I am trying to seek finanancial help in getting a mono ski for myself to replace my 8 year old one the we will make a program ski. I’m a good friend of Chris Slavins and I’m looking to get into a Nissin like her but not all the custom seating. She told me to write to your foundation so that’s why I’m writing this message.

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