To date, the High Fives Foundation has provided Jeff Andrews with $5,613.41 in financial grants to aid in the recovery from his life-altering injury

#HighFivesAthlete Jeff Andrews
#HighFivesAthlete Jeff Andrews

In August 2014, Roy Tuscany of the High Fives Foundation was approached by Rob Smith of Montane Building Group offering pro bono services to help local Athletes of the organization. Smith’s offer could not have come at a better time, as local Truckee Athlete Jeff Andrews had planned on returning to the area following his March 2014 spinal cord injury.

“Over the years I have witnessed the amazing things that High Fives has done for local athletes in need,” said Rob Smith, Owner of Montane Building Group. “When the opportunity arose to help Jeff, I couldn’t wait to get started.”

Once Andrews found a suitable rental in Truckee, Smith and his team at Montane Building Group went to work.

After meeting with Andrews on his needs, the team from Montane Building Group went into the remodel with three objectives. First, they would need to open up Andrews’ bathroom and add a roll-in shower. Next, they would need to add a ramp from the garage to the house. Last, the team needed to expand Andrews’ master bedroom closet.

Smith and the Montane Building Group completed Andrews’ Truckee house modifications prior to their November 1 goal. Andrews moved in shortly thereafter, and he couldn’t have been more grateful.

“I am lucky to live in an area that rallies around individuals in such a way,” said Jeff Andrews. “The modifications that Rob and his team made have given me independence. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me!”

Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews, a resident of Truckee, Calif., was snowboarding at Sugarbowl Resort in March 2014, when he over-shot a jump in the terrain park. The crash resulted in a burst fracture of Andrews’ C-5 vertebrae causing paralysis from the neck down.

Following Andrews’ injury, the High Fives Foundation was by his side immediately.

In April 2014, the High Fives Foundation provided Andrews with a grant for $1,363.41 to be used toward healing supplements and massage and Acupuncture at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colo. In August 2014, High Fives provided Andrews with $4,250 to be used toward six months of spinal cord injury specific personal training at SCI-Fit in Sacramento, Calif.

To date, the High Fives Foundation has provided Andrews with $5,613.41 in financial grants to aid in the recovery from his life-altering injury.

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