#HighFivesAthlete Megan Wemmer updates High Fives on her after holiday rehab progress!

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#HighFivesAthlete Megan Wemmer conquering new goals! PC // Megan Wemmer
While on a backcountry ski tour in the Arapahoe National Forrest with her boyfriend in February 2015, Megan went to climb up to the second floor of the cabin when the ladder gave out, causing her to fall directly on her back from 12 feet in the air. The impact left Megan unable to move her lower extremities, and her boyfriend immediately hiked out of the wilderness and sent a rescue team to extract her. Today she is walking up 38 steps to her parents front door!
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The 38 steps leading up to #HighFivesAthlete Megan Wemmer’s parents house
Words from Megan Wemmer //
I finally collected pictures from my trip home, and wanted to get them to High Fives.  My parents have 38 steps up to their front door.  After my accident last February, I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it up the stairs to my childhood home under my own power ever again, which was both scary and frustrating.  I didn’t want someone else to haul me up in my wheelchair. A lift wasn’t economical or realistic.  But after watching other Craig hospital graduates and High Fives athletes achieve great things, and putting in a lot of hard work and tracking my own progress, I decided I was ready to try.
#HighFivesAthlete Megan Wemmer at the bottom of a flight of 28 steps
#HighFivesAthlete Megan Wemmer at the bottom of a flight of 28 steps
On December 31, Jeff and I flew to California to see my family, especially sister and brother in law and their new baby, who arrived a few weeks early. My parents have done a lot of work on their house over the years, which thankfully included a railing going all the way up the stairs.  Well, we made it!  My dad even opened a special beer to celebrate!
Megan Wemmer's Father with a celebration beer
Megan Wemmer’s Father with a celebration beer
We made one trip out of the house each day and had a chance to go to some of our favorite spots for food and beer.  I always feel a little uncomfortable when people I don’t know stop me when I’m out with a walker or crutches and tell me I’m doing a great job, but then I’m reminded of how much I look to others who have been injured, and how I marvel at their strength and fortitude.  So then I stop and say thanks, that I am doing my best, and I hope that I am inspiring others who have been injured, who need to know that there are others who have made it through the tough times, and to give them strength to keep working hard and achieving more than they thought possible.
Much love to High Fives!

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