Billy Dewalt

Billy Dewalt

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SGT(E5) Billy DeWalt grew up as a military brat, but considers Wake Forest, NC home. During his 10 year service in the army, Billy endured many concussions after airborne training jumps at Fort Bragg. In 2003, while loading boats in Turkey, it became apparent that something was wrong with Billy’s health, so he was sent to a neurologist. There he was diagnosed with TBI with seizures. In 2004 Billy was sent out to Germany. By 2013 he had not only developed a herniated disc, but also ruptured disc in his back, leading to an emergency surgery. This resulted in leg damage. Seventeen weeks later, it ruptured again, leaving permanent damage to his leg. Billy was then diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Eventually, Billy was put into an neuroswing brace. However, after participating in a treadmill run for the hamster wheel challenge for fighting alcoholism, it chewed up the instep of his foot. He is now in a fabtech brace.

In 2015, Billy found CrossFit to not only be a hobby but a method of healing and has since gotten off the majority of his medications. He has gone on to compete to win various competitions. This includes CrossFits 2016 winter games placing in 3rd, Lollapalooza 2019 placing in 1st of the scale divisions, and War Horse games taking 2nd and 3rd. He also took 1st in the category of weightlifting in the olympics.

“Billy’s goal throughout ATF’s x High Fives’ 9 week program, is to learn how to use his current devices, to his advantage to become more active.“

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High Fives has provided:

2020 Military to the Mountain Program Service with the support of the Adaptive Training Foundation & The City of Reno

Billy Dewalt

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  • 2020 Military to the Mountain

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2020 Military to the Mountain


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