2020 Military to the Mountain

2020 Military to the Mountain (M2M)

Veterans doing the not impossible.

A High Fives Foundation program service that demonstrates our deep sense of appreciation for the men and women who serve our country – specifically for those veterans and first responders who have suffered life-changing injuries in the name of loyalty to America.

It is our deepest regret to inform you that the on snow portion of the 2020 Military to the Mountain program was cancelled due to the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Although all 22 Veterans did complete the nine-week training program (the standard length of military boot camp) at the Adaptive Training Foundation and at the City of Reno Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department (Double Diamond Athletic Club and Title Boxing). Each workout was geared specifically towards creating strength, balance, and confidence.

While this announcement is heart-breaking, we know how special the Military to the Mountain program is and we will return to the mountains in 2021. We so appreciate your support. Enjoy the world premiere of the nine-week boot camp videos, photos and quotes from the Veterans involved in the 2020 Military to the Mountain Program!

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COVID-19 may have halted ATF's trip to Reno/Tahoe for our annual Military to the Mountain program, but it does NOT diminish the sweat equity and personal transformation that was achieved by the Veteran Warriors over the 9-weeks of adaptive training in Texas!

David Vobora, Founder & CEO of the Adaptive Training Foundation

Although we didn't get to take the 9 weeks of training out on the snow, we built an even more awesome foundation of physical, mental, and social strength that can carry this group of Veterans throughout the year!

April Wolfe, CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for the City of Reno | Parks & Recreation

M2M is 100% inspired by the High Fives Foundation who focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen. The program is fueled by the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, Texas, the City of Reno Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, a VA Adaptive Sports Grant, private contributions, corporate sponsors and funds raised through the sale of the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows active military pass.

High Fives has shown me there is still good out there in the world. People help other people accomplish anything they set their minds to. High Fives has helped me overcome mental blocks and physical obstacles involving my disability. They have shown me I am capable of many things I wouldn't have thought possible in my current state. High Fives is good people.

Seth Wakeling, M2M Participant

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Coming into this program was the best thing for me at the time. Joining a group of men and women who had experienced their own personal hell and we’re able to use that to come together to build others up was extraordinary. Thank you to everyone involved who made this program a reality for so many who crucially needed it.

Forrest Shepherd, M2M Participant

High Fives gives us the tools, instructors and encouragement to help us overcome our obstacles. They encourage you not only to push your limits but also to overcome any new obstacles. After you complete this program, you realize there is no obstacle you cannot overcome.

Jim Kempner, M2M Participant

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High Fives workouts and support are empowering. Last year was my first year so now I am a mentor. They motivated me to ski again after 30 years of not skiing. Now I can ski and help motivate other people. High Fives opens doors with conditioning and equipment to get you back out there.

William Sandell, M2M Participant

ABOUT THE HIGH FIVES FOUNDATION: High Fives focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen. It was formed as a way to “pay-it-forward” by the founder from his own recovery to help injured people. The Foundation has expanded to help 300 individuals and veterans from 38 states since its inception in 2009. The High Fives Foundation is a California-based, national 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. For more information visit www.highfivesfoundation.org

ABOUT ADAPTIVE TRAINING FOUNDATION: Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses not on limitations, but possibilities. Founded by Former NFL linebacker David Vobora and supported through staff and volunteers, the ATF tribe uses physical and motivational techniques to empower people with physical impairments to maximize their capabilities and redefine their futures.

ABOUT THE CITY OF RENO: The City of Reno government’s mission is dedicated to creating a community that people are proud to call home. In order to achieve that purpose, the Reno City Council has established three overarching goals — Ensure Financial Stability, Provide Public Safety and Reduce Debt — and several supporting priorities. To learn more about the City of Reno, visit Reno.gov or call 775- 334-INFO (4636).

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