DeVaughn Ollison

DeVaughn Ollison

United States of America
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DeVaughn is a Dallas native that served in the Army for 20 years, finishing his career as an E7 Sergeant First Class. He has had a highly impressive career, having been deployed to Bosnia, Korea three times, Ft. Hood three times, Afghanistan twice, and having received a Bronze Star Medal for his outstanding service.

Back on October 6, 2018 he suffered multiple injuries from a mechanical malfunction while riding his motorcycle. DeVaughn was unfortunately belted into his motorcycle which caused him to flip out of control with the bike. Not only did DeVaughn break multiple parts of his body and experience a traumatic brain injury, but within 24 hours of his accident he experienced a stroke in the right side of his brain.

Even through this devastating accident, DeVaughn is determined to be able to walk again and is ready to put in the work to get there.

“One of his goals is to mow his own lawn again and eventually get back to working on cars.“

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2020 Military to the Mountain Program Service with the support of the Adaptive Training Foundation & The City of Reno

DeVaughn Ollison

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  • 2020 Military to the Mountains

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