Brett Linville

Brett Linville

United States of America
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Sergeant Brett Linville enlisted in the Marine Corps, where he served nine years in one tour of Iraq as a machine gunner. While in battle position for operation Steel Curtain (Iron Fist), Brett fell off of a seven-ton (MTVR truck) after a mortar attack. Unaware of the severity of his injury, he climbed back onto the machinery and continued on to complete the remainder of his tour. Brett’s MRI and CT scans indicated four, now five slipped (hernatied) disc. He has since undergone various procedures for treatment and rod placement.

After discovering the effects of meditation through a prior ATF class, Brett has incorporated the practice into his daily routine. As a previous assistant trainer for FITS, Brett intends to revive his role to mentor others in the program so that they will make positive changes in their lives and become badass. In his free time, he enjoys a good game golf, and goes as often as he can.

Although Brett was originally born in North Arkansas, he currently resides in Arlington, TX with his wife. Additionally, he is a proud father of two children, a son and daughter ages 2 and 3, and is a stay at home dad.

“Brett’s goal for ATF’s x High Fives’ 9 week program is to be in better shape for his kids, and to lead by example, so that they will become great athletes in the future.”

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2020 Military to the Mountain Program Service with the support of the Adaptive Training Foundation & The City of Reno

Brett Linville

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  • 2020 Military to the Mountain

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