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Richard Tibbetts

Richard Tibbetts

Born: 8-21-1965

Injured: 5/1/2007

Injury: TBI

Military Branch: Marine Corps

Master Sergeant Richard W Tibbatts enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1983, and served for 23years before retiring in 2007. He toured and completed missions in various locations including, Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, Somalia, Zaire, Albania, the Congo, and South America. Growing up, Richard moved a lot due to his father’s naval background. He currently resides in Mansfield Texas with his wife Teri.

Richard is currently being treated for combat related PTSD and secondary MDD. He is now striving for tools to improve thought patterns and social interactions. He has found his passion through fitness and weightlifting, and even participated in a bodybuilding competition back in November of 2019. Richard plans to compete in two additional contest in the near future.

Through the 9 week program at ATF x through High Fives’ Richard wants to overcome his fear of heights and heighten his ability of positive thinking. 

He looks forward to the opportunity of being part of a team.



2020 Military to the Mountain Program Service with the support of the Adaptive Training Foundation & The City of Reno

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