Vance Johnson

Vance Johnson

United States of America
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Vance is originally from Rowlett, TX but has grown up around the Dallas area for most of his life. He has not only served in the Army, but also has been working with The Department of Homeland Security Investigations for the past 10 years. His current home agency is the Balch Springs Police Department where he works with the Narcotics department.

Vance has sustained many injuries through his notable career, his most recent being obtained while investigating a drug operation back in October 2018. He fractured his left foot, has had right ankle reconstruction, total knee replacement, and 2 total knee revisions.

His biggest challenge is wanting to improve his mindset and also get in better shape, to gain a more fulfilling life. He strives to keep the community safe, and wants to get in the best shape possible in order to fulfill his goals and continue his service with the Police Department.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.“

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Vance Johnson

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