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Scott Mooney

Scott Mooney

Born: 09/27/1967

Injured: 1987

Injury: Osteomyelitis/Below Knee Amputation

Military Branch: NAVY

Scott served a positive and fulfilling time in the Navy but was discharged in 1988, after enduring a crushing leg injury where a torpedo pinned him down during the loading of the weapon. The reconstruction surgery was successful and he was living a fairly normal life for 25 years, but then developed osteomyelitis after a surgery and had his right limb removed below the knee 3 years ago.

Now Scott is looking to gain his self confidence back, along with energy and motivation to enjoy life again. He currently lives in Rockwall, TX with his wife and 2 sons for the past 17 years. Scott has been a Dell Engineer for the past 20 years, and a family man for even longer.

Originally from Scottsdale, AZ , Scott claims to be a huge nerd. He has an amazing comic book collection of over 20,000 different copies, with the original Flash being his favorite. While Scott is more a Marvel fan, he admits his wife is more into DC and they may fight about it, but still have a loving marriage despite their differences.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.



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