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Stephen Glenn

Stephen Glenn

Born: 8/9/89

Injured: 09/19/2011

Injury: Left Below Knee Amputation

Military Branch: Army

Born in Erlangen, Germany and raised in the United States, SGT (E5) Stephen Glenn served four years and one tour in Afghanistan. After serving, Stephan went on to enroll at MMI (Motorcycle Mechanic Institute) of Phoenix, AZ in pursuit of a career as a motorcycle technician.

On March 9th 2019 while heading to school, Stephen drove his motorcycle over a crest, and crashed into the back of a braking vehicle. Following the sequence of the incident, he woke up in the hospital, uncertain of what happened. He went on to spend the next six weeks in the hospital working through limb salvage, which would result in the placement of a rode in his thigh, as well as his pelvis. By April, Stephen’s leg showed no indication of healing, so he made the decision to move forward with an amputation below the knee.

Stephen plans to go back to MMI to complete his certification. 

His goal for the next 9 weeks at ATF and through High Fives’ is to build strength, and get back to his passion for motorcycles. He looks forward to riding with his biker buddies soon.



2020 Military to the Mountain Program Service with the support of the Adaptive Training Foundation & The City of Reno

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