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Trevon Ferguson

Trevon Ferguson

Born: 11/06/1975

Injured: 02/1996

Injury: TBI, Multiple Digit Amputee

Military Branch: Army

Trevon “Sundiata Imhotep” Ferguson was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago as Trevon B Ferguson. Trevon migrated to the US in 1994 after completing high school. Shortly after arriving in the US, he joined the US Army. As a soldier, Trevon traveled to Africa, Europe, and Asia. Trevon was educated through travel and constant self-conducted research and therefore experienced an awakening. The most powerful part of that awakening came when he was informed that he was suffering from cancer just 3 months after his mother passed away. Through this devastating experience he decided immediately to beat the deadly disease, diving heavily into the realm of holistic wellness. Along the way he has acquired the following certifications: ND License, Certified Holistic Health Care Consultant, Certified Iridologist, Certified Chemical Testing, Certified Raw Food Chef & Instructor, and Certified Herbalist.

In 2013, Trevon had a work accident which resulted in the amputation of several fingers. During his service in active military duty, he suffered from a traumatic brain injury which resulted in seizures, PTSD, and depression. For the last 23 years, Trevon has battled rage and thoughts of suicide and chronic pain. Through his challenges, Trevon has always had a relentless desire to help others, thus leading to him becoming a speaker and author.

Trevon’s message is “purpose.” He believes that everyone is here for a great and divine purpose.



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