Jack French

Jack French

United States of America
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Jack served in the Navy as a Petty Officer Third Class for just three and a half years. He experienced the end of the Vietnam war, and had been stationed mainly in Florida. But his most favorite place he was stationed was in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Jack suddenly began developing vision problems in his right eye when he was stationed in Cuba, which led him to be medically discharged without knowing exactly what was wrong. Upon further testing, and many years later, they found that Jack had the beginning developments of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. The disease came in stages, but has now put him in a wheelchair for the past couple years.

Jack wishes to keep his health as best he can to elongate his life. He currently has to undergo chemotherapy to help keep him alive, but is ready to do what it takes to keep striving. A big goal Jack would like to accomplish is to climb the three flights of stairs at his mother-in-laws apartment; with hard work and dedication to the program, this is something the trainers can help him achieve. He is also looking forward to competing in the Veterans Games in such events as shooting, discus, shot put, racing, and would like to try the weight lighting as well. Jack serves on the board of directors for the PVA, and is passionate about helping other veterans like himself.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.“

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