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Dillon McHugh

Dillon McHugh | Philadelphia, PA

Dillion lost control while skiing at Winter Park, Colorado as he turned onto a catwalk to reconvene with friends he slid out and slid on the ground for several hundred feet gaining speed due to the icy conditions. Eventually he ended up hitting a tree, bursting his L1-L2 vertebrae as well as causing many other severe injuries such as fractured ribs, multiple hematomas and collapsed lungs.

“Keep Fucking Going”- I have this on a bracelet that I wear everyday. I feel it may be inappropriate for the website so alternative “keep on keeping on”



$3,000 Sessions at Project Walk

To me, receiving this grant means I am now officially part of a new team. It sounds so simple. But, all my life as a competitive swimmer, I have enjoyed the benefit of having “teammates.” People who support your goals and understand your struggles. High Fives is “MY TEAM!” So, as I continue to work in my therapy, I know they will be cheering for me.

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