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Ricardo PerezRamos

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Ricardo is a Puerto Rican native that moved to New York as a child with his mother for a better life. Some years later he decided to enlist in the US Army, where he served as a sergeant. Being in the military changed his life for the better, especially dealing with his past rough childhood. Ricardo is currently living in San Antonio, TX. Some of his hobbies include boxing, hunting, and fishing, although he has yet to make a catch.

While Ricardo was leading an unmounted patrol on September 19, 2011, an in-ground IED was triggered which exploded right underneath Recardo’s feet. Ricardo immediately lost his left leg above knee, his right leg had significant damage, his pelvis had been shattered, and 3rd degree burns all over his body from the blast. After going through limb salvage for 4 years, he decided to amputate his right leg below the knee later in 2015.

Ricardo has gone through a total of 113 surgeries, but that will not stop him from his goals of living his life to the fullest. He dreams of playing for the US National Sled Hockey team. Ricardo also loves to read just about anything you can think of, he firmly believes in becoming a better person all around.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

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Ricardo PerezRamos

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