Bob Woodruff Foundation Supports High Five Foundation

High Five, Bob Woodruff Foundation!

We are very fortunate to be able to work with other Foundations like ourselves who are working hard to empower and inspire individuals to be the best versions of themselves. The Bob Woodruff Foundation is one of these Foundations.

We were fortunate enough to receive an expedited COVID-19 grant that will provide us with financial resources to give eight weeks of physical training to four Reno-based veterans and High Fives Athletes. They will be training with the on-staff High Fives trainer and we will be tracking mental/emotional improvements: confidence, sleep quality, motivation, memory, emotional resilience, and, bonding that these athletes experience over the next few months.

These are the Veterans who will be directly benefitting from the Bob Woodruff Foundation Grant

dennis-1 (1)

Dennis Mankel

ShayHampton (1)

Shay Hampton

SethWakeling (1)

Seth Wakeling


Will Sandell


Stay tuned, as we will be posting more as the program progresses and we see improvement and changes in these amazing Athletes and veteransĀ 


Our Approach We invest in positive returns. Positive returns for the veterans returning to their families and communities and positive returns for every dollar donated to their long-term well being. It is by connecting communities with the brave heroes returning to them, that we are best able to provide more than stopgap measures, but long-term solutions that take a holistic approach to recovery. The Bob Woodruff Foundation stands out from the sea of 46,000 non-profits that serve veterans by the way in which we find, fund and shape innovative programs within that maze.

-Bob Woodruff Foundation

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