CR Johnson Healing Center Trainer | Natalie Gross

Welcome New CR Johnson Healing Center Trainer, Natalie Gross!

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“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away” -Pablo Picasso

Words from Natalie –
For as long as I can remember and even more so after the unfortunate and sudden loss of my brother, I have been searching for meaning in this life: a purpose, a passion, constantly asking myself: “why was I put here?”. 
I have always had a pretty kick butt life but SOMETHING just felt like it was missing: I was grateful but also on a soul search. 
When I walked through the door of High Fives, I immediately felt a sense of peace that had evaded me much of my life. 
I knew immediately that I wanted to work around the multitude of amazing people that grace the organization’s staff and make up our athletes. 

Long story short, I had a friend last year who sent me some video footage on one of our sister organizations, Adaptive Training Foundation. I poured over the videos, hungry and eager to learn and I knew in that moment, I wanted to take my knowledge of personal training a step further and integrate it into training adaptive athletes. I left my job, hopped in my car and hit the road, not really knowing where I was headed. Fate had different ideas. I stumbled into hi5s one day and happened to know the current trainer there, Mr. Chris Cloyd. He invited me to shadow a training session and the rest is history. I have fallen in love with the athletes as well as the staff and their passion and zest to leave an imprint on this world.

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