Enjoy the Ocean with TL Waveskis

Enjoy the Ocean with TL Waveskis

Tyler Lausten Waveskis:

“Born in Santa Barbara, California and transplanted to Ha`iku, Maui, Hawai`i in 2001 where I saw my first waveski, at a garage sale for $25. Having been involved in whitewater sports while living on the mainland, I thought this ‘thing’ was perfect for what I wanted to do- paddle and surf. After a lot of internet research I learned more about waveskis and eventually found Boatertalk, where I came into contact with other paddlesurfers such as Vince Shay, Fletcher Burton and Randy Phillips. They came to Maui in 2003 to film “The Search: 2” and I met up with them for a few mind-blowing sessions. Meeting up again in California that summer I picked up a more modern and not-so-beat-up ski off of Fletcher.

Over the next years I attended my first World’s and tried out various ski designs and manufacturers. After taking a leave from University I stayed with legendary surfer and shaper Neil Decker (of Dekka Waveskis which I was riding at the time) on the Gold Coast of Australia. I saw the start to finish making of a ski and, naturally, I wanted to do it myself. So when I returned home I started working for Kai Wa`a making epoxy and carbon fiber wa`a, or outrigger canoes.

Between working there and hanging around all the surfboard and windsurf shapers I learned to use epoxy and the technologies that utilize it. I eventually met another legend, windsurfer/shaper Mark Angulo who recognized my enthusiasm and helped me build my first board, the Prototype.

I now work part time for Kai Wa`a and build, start to finish, TL waveskis in my Hai`ku workshop”

Learn more at tlwaveskis.com

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