High Fives Athletes Breaking Barriers and Beating Goals

High Five Foundation staff would like to extend our congratulations and a big pat on the back to these High Fives Athletes for accomplishing their goals while beating the heat.

We know that all 414 of our Athletes are continually striving to improve themselves, and being part of the Ohana means overcoming adversity and challenges with hard work and determination. We would like to give these 4 Athletes some extra special recognition for managing to keep cool and push through barriers in their pursuit of continual improvement.

Athlete Name: Bill Travers 

Athlete Number: 284

Location: California

Injury: SCI T10

Belt Goal: My first goal with the Mako off-road handcycle is to make the first ever handcycle ascent up the famed North Rim Trail.

Thanks to you and to all the folks at High Fives!  I’m back on the trail with my own full-suspension off-road handcycle. This bike gets me onto ripper singletrack with my three sons and onto local hikes to high points and lookouts with my wife.  A huge door has opened to enjoying the backcountry again.  I’m blown away by a combination of gratitude for the gift, awe for capabilities of the machine, and inspiration for the trails and routes that I can do again.  Just blown away!
Thank you,
– Bill
Bill Travers
Bryce Allard

Athlete Name: Bryce Allard 

Athlete Number: 333

Location: Montana

Injury: SCI C6-7

Belt Goal: My goal is to be able to ride my handcycle 10 miles nonstop.

I’ve been getting in 20 mile rides, with the help of a little power assist. Having the bike has really been a game changer since my injury.

Athlete Name: Robby Knab

Athlete Number: 264

Location: New York

Injury: SCI C5

Belt Goal: Purchase and adapt a vehicle for me to drive.

It is absolutely exciting to have freedom again. Every second I have free, I am sitting in my van thinking and planning out the near future adventures.
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Athlete Name: Al Wilson

Athlete Number: 359

Location: Vancouver Island, BC,Canada

Injury: SCI C6

Belt Goal: To gain enough strength in order to begin mountain biking by summer 2021.”

I feel super accomplished I was able to achieve my goal within the first few months of being home. I’m very goal orientated, so now it’s time to set another goal and crush it.

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program

Congratulations to all Athletes who are setting goals and continuing to improve themselves. We hope you always continue to do so, and High fives will be there for you as you work hard to complete goals and reach your full potential.

The Arcade Belt Program

The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting and completing goals. 


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