High Fives in the News | The Powell Movement Podcast

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Roy Tuscany was that cocky, aspiring pro skier that I’m sure everyone knew at one point.  He had his life together, graduated from college and moved out west to pursue his ski dreams.  When Roy overshot a jump and suffered a life altering injury, everything changed.  He realized that there was more to life than himself and that it was time to give others the support he received when he had his accident.  Through the High Fives Foundation, that punk kid has become a selfless adult who strives to make the world a more fun place, especially for people going through what he did.


Every week you’ll get a dose of awesomeness as I take a deep dive into the careers, history and psyche of the greatest athletes and behind the scenes players from the world of action sports. From humble beginnings to becoming supernovas, these talents have shaped the sports that we love and continue to PUSH IT- which is to say – if they PUSH IT they’re on THE POWELL MOVEMENT.

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