GOAL 1: Coach my team from a sit-ski at the Championships at Northstar in the first week of March

It is always inspiring when we get to see a High Fives Athlete complete a goal. It is even more inspiring getting to see an Athlete complete a goal that they set, that gives back to the community, and that is exactly what Bill Travers did.

Bill has always been heavily involved in ski racing, He spent years coaching and building strong relationships with his local race team. After a ski accident in 2017 that left Bill in a wheelchair, Bill thought that he may no longer be able to coach his ski team.

After the initial uncertainty about life after a spinal cord injury had past, Bill changed his mindset. It wasn’t about if he could or couldn’t coach again. it was all about finding a way to coach.

He set the lofty goal of figuring out how to get into a sit ski and make it onto the race slope so he could be there for his team for the CNISSF (CALIFORNIA-NEVADA INTERSCHOLASTIC SKI AND SNOWBOARD FEDERATION) High School Championship alpine ski races in Northstar.

It is with pride High Fives announces that Bill was there on the slope at Northstar, to coach his team to great results.

Division banner at Champs
Sit-ski pic

 That was a HUGE success for me as I haven’t been able to be a race-day coach for three years since my accident.  This gave me a chance to join the racers at the event and to give some coaching tips as they prepared for their runs.  Everyone – other coaches, other teams, and of course my team – was jazzed to see me up there, making turns on sweet sunny days.

Thanks to High Fives for helping me achieve my first Arcade Belt!!!

-Bill Travers


Congratulations Coach Bill! we are so proud of you, and know the kids are grateful to have their coach back with them! We look forward to seeing you crush the rest of your goals.

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The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. Similar to a karate belt system, athletes move through the ranks when they complete goals they set for themselves and receive a belt with stars corresponding to the goal number they accomplish.


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