“We all have this capacity to not just dream, but to LIVE our dream.”

#HighFivesAthlete Josh Dueck sustained a spinal cord injury in 2004 while skiing, leaving him completely paralyzed from the waist down. It was with the hope that one day Josh would be able to return to the places he loves (the mountains and the ocean) that gave him the courage to move forward and live his dreams. Check him out now!!

Josh Dueck won both Gold and Silver medals at the Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia as well as a silver medal at the 2010 games in Vancouver. As a world-class sit-skier, Dueck has also won Gold in Mono Skier X at the 2011 X Games and bronze in 2012. He holds other national accolades including multiple IPC World Cup podiums and the 2009 world downhill championship. To top it all off, in February 2012, Dueck gained international media attention when he went upside-down on his monoski, becoming the first sit-skier to complete a backflip on snow.

High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.
#HighFivesAthlete Josh Dueck & family on the High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.

“The stoke factory known as High Fives Foundation has put together short film that captures the essence of love and possibility.

Beyond the VEIL is a moment in time that I am deeply honored to have been apart of and invite you to take the time to watch, comment and share this dream with the world.” -Josh Dueck

Watch Josh’s TED talk!

Watch Josh in the High Fives Foundation’s Adaptive Surf Video!

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