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Image Outfitters has been able to donate $6,574.02 to The High Fives Foundation via their iShare Program!

Image Outfitters is an ad specialties company with a portfolio of more than 1.5 million promotional items that can be personalized with custom logos and other marks. In business for over 20 years, they source these products for both large and small companies, schools, universities and all other organizations.


What sets them apart?

Their innovative iShare Charitable Program returns up to 10% of each individual sale to the non-profit partner selected by our business customer.

We’ve been working with the iShare program and appreciate their support. iShare is a well-regarded program developed by Image Outfitters, a Vermont-based promotional products and marketing firm dedicated to strengthening the nonprofit sector. Based on the concept of mutual benefit, its premise is refreshingly simple:

• Your business conducts its normal activity of purchasing its marketing collateral such as your branded clothing, hats, bags and thousands of other promotional products through Image Outfitters who work at significantly reduced margins to support the iShare program.

• Image Outfitters commits up to 10% of the transaction as a direct gift – in your company’s name – to the nonprofit of your choice.

You will get the same high-quality promotional products at competitive prices to help you grow your business and we benefit by receiving the iShare contribution.

Yes, it’s as simple as conducting standard operating activities to amplify your philanthropy. And it’s theoretically sustainable. Our early experiences have been very positive.

You can see more information about Image Outfitters and iShare here. I encourage you to contact Image Outfitters, purchase the promotional products from them, and request that High Fives Foundation receives the iShare contribution.

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