Salt Lake City, Utah Athlete to receive $6,525 in grant funding

Harris is an established writer and photographer in the action sports industry. His work has appeared in National Geographic, Powder, Backpacker, Men’s Journal and numerous other publications. Harris’ recent journey to Chile was to prepare for a month-long expedition in the region.

Harris, a lover of all things adventure and outdoors, plans to pour all of his passion into his recovery from the November injury. Harris is currently still at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and has plans to begin his rehab at the Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colo. starting January 15. Craig Hospital is one of the country’s top spinal centers, and the ideal training ground for Harris to start his rehabilitation.

Photo Courtesy | High Fives Foundation

The December grant for $6,525 awarded to Harris will be used to cover the cost of the medical flight from University of Cincinnati Medical Center to Craig Hospital, along with massage and Acupuncture treatments at the Englewood, Colo. facility.

Since the Foundation’s inception in January, 2009, the Winter Empowerment program service has assisted 66 athletes from 19 states in nine respective funding categories which include: living expenses, insurance, travel, health, healing network, adaptive equipment, winter equipment, programs and stoke (positive energy, outlook and attitude). In 2014, the High Fives Foundation has set a budget of disbursing $196,000 via board-approved grants through the Winter Empowerment Fund. Thus far in 2014, 28 High Fives Athletes and two organizations have been awarded a sum of 38 board-approved grants for a total of $249,000.

Photo Courtesy | High Fives Foundation

In the month of December the High Fives Foundation distributed funds to five Winter Empowerment Athletes: Steven Jacobo of Gardnerville, Nev., Jeff Andrews of Truckee, Calif., Patrick Lonsdale of Ben Lomond, Calif., Sally Francklyn of Colorado Springs, Colo. and Jim Harris of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Foundation’s Board of Directors Grant Selection Committee approved a total of $29,354.91 to be used toward the Healing Network, Travel, Living Expenses and Adaptive Equipment funding categories.

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