June 30th Return to Dirt Trip

A Day of Adventure with Nick and Alex

June 30th was a standout day for the Return to Dirt program, as we welcomed two enthusiastic athletes, Nick and Alex, for an incredible off-roading adventure. Their experiences highlight the transformative power of these trips.

“Stoke level was at a maximum, views were awesome, friends and staff were amazing and very helpful, and ultimately I got DIRTY!!” The breathtaking views, supportive team, and the thrill of getting dirty made for a perfect day.

Nick was brimming with excitement

For Alex, the trip was profoundly meaningful…

“Driving the UTV’s brought back a feeling that I haven’t had since before injury. It allows me to push into a comfort zone that died when I broke my neck. Forever grateful to Return to Dirt.”

High Fives Athlete, Alex Duff

Alex’s experience underscores the deep impact these adventures can have, helping participants regain a sense of freedom and confidence.

We are honored to provide these opportunities and look forward to many more days of maximizing the stoke with Return to Dirt. Join us as we continue to empower and inspire through the thrill of off-roading!