May Grants Awarded: $11,092.00 Awarded to Injured Athletes through the Winter Empowerment Fund

May Grants Awarded: $11,092.00 Awarded to Injured Athletesthrough the Winter Empowerment Fund

Athlete Awarded Disbursements for Recovery from Life Altering Injury

The Winter Empowerment Fund disburses board approved grants to disabled winter action sports athletes participating in winter adaptive sports or recovering from a life altering injury. In May 2013 the Board of Directors approved the following grant for three athletes totaling $11,092.00

To date, the Winter Empowerment Fund has assisted 43 athletes from 14 states in eight respective funding categories which include: living expenses, insurance, travel, health, healing network, adaptive equipment, winter equipment, programs and stoke (positive energy, outlook and attitude).

May grant recipients include:


Growing up with the ski resorts in his backyard, Cody cultivated a love for snowboarding unlike any other. While on a snowboarding trip in Lake Tahoe with his best friends Cody had a snowboarding accident that left him with fractures in his neck, both hips and the inability to move his body on his own. After several weeks Cody regained arm and leg movement and now spends his days working like a machine in rehabilitation. His motivations are his loving wife, his adorable kids (3 and 4 years old) and his new little baby girl that will be born this July.

Grant Details:

Healing Network: Neuroworx (54 Visits)

Total $5,462.00


Lucas lost his leg in a car accident in 1988. As a driven youngster, he learned how to skateboard 4 months before he learned how to walk again. He picked up the shred in 1992. In 2000, he organized the first adaptive snowboard freestyle camps and national competition in the world with USASA. Now he is an aspiring athlete for the 2014 Paralympic Games.

Grant Details:

Chinese herbs (through Acupuncturist)

Healing Network:
Massage (10 Sessions)
Acupuncture (10 Sessions)
Personal Training (36 Sessions)

Total $3,390.00


Taylor was injured while riding a four-wheeler with some friends in May 2011. She has massive support from her family and friends, and is willing to try anything. The Winter Empowerment Fund will provide Taylor with the opportunity to discover skiing through Disabled Sports – Far West.

Grant Details:

Healing Network:
Personal Training (12 Sessions)
Massage (10 Sessions)
Pilates (10 Sessions)

Total $2,240.00

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