Military to the Mountains | Granby Ranch

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, for High Fives, it takes a community to host a successful camp. Fortunately for us over the last 11 years of High Fives, we have cultivated the best relationships with Athletes and partners. The combination of desire, stoke, and determination from Athletes coupled with the passion and belief that our partners have shown in us allows us to run events and camps that we are genuinely proud to put our name on.

Rather than explaining the power these camps have, we would like to take this as an opportunity to show what goes into running an event. We have compiled some great videos for your viewing enjoyment.

Recap Video

Partner Videos

Granby Ranch, what a hill! The staff couldn’t have been more accommodating while we were there. Everyone from the owners to the lifties greeted us with a big smile and offered their helping hand. Granby Ranch immediately became one of our favorite places we have hosted a camp.

Athlete Videos

Our community works together for our armed heroes.


Along with some great videographers documenting the trip, we also had some fantastic photographers capturing all the special moments shared between High Fives Foundation staff, Adaptive Training Foundation staff, veterans, volunteers, and Granby Ranch staff. To see what these photographers captured, click on the photos.