Soren Lindholm wins the Marker Dalbello Volkl fundraising Prize!

The Marker Dalbello Volkl x High Fives Athlete Challenge!


It really excites us when we throw out a challenge to our Athletes, and then they knock it out of the park. This year at our Ski-a-Thons, we challenged Athletes to see who could gather the most amount of donors. It wasn’t about the largest amount fundraised or the largest donation. It was purely about who could spread High Fives to the most amount of people.

To encourage fundraising efforts, our amazing partner at Marker Dalbello Volkl threw in some incredible incentives as well. They offered a complete sit-ski and ski package to the athlete with the most amount of donations. This package would include a complete Dynaccess sit ski, outriggers from Enabling Technologies, Marker bindings, and Volkl skis. Everything the winner would need to ski.

Soren Lindholm saw this as a win-win situation! He had always been a skier and had spent some days in a sit-ski following his accident. Returning to skiing felt natural to him and he fell back in love with the sport, he just needed his own equipment. This was an opportunity to support High Fives while giving him the opportunity to get his own sit-ski, so he could fully return to the sport!

Soren was just 17 years old when he sustained a life-changing injury while competing in a telemark skiing competition.  Soren was skiing an aggressive line with his eyes set on the top step of the podium. The run was going great until Soren came into the final double drop with too much speed. The harsh landing set him up poorly for the next feature. He went off the second cliff too far back and landed on his backside in some rocks. The impact burst his L1 Vertebrae.  

Soren’s dedication to skiing immediately transitioned into his drive towards his recovery. All of his focus went to find out how to live his best life without the use of his legs. 

We are very proud of Soren and the effort he has put into becoming the Athlete he is today. Seeing Soren crush his workout, ripping waves on surf camps, or getting back out on the ski hill confirms our belief in the young man. 

Soren raised an incredible amount of money for the foundation through Shred-a-thon fundraising, bringing in over 560 donors. Thanks to our fantastic partner Marker-Dalbello-Volkl. He will be awarded for his efforts in his recovery and his fundraising with a complete Dynaccess sit-ski setup, including Volkl skis and Marker bindings, so that he can return to skiing with his friends and family. 

Way to be Soren! We look forward to seeing you out on the hill!

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