Boundless is the tale of chasing your passion!

Kirk Williams takes a look into three different adaptive sports athletes minds to figure out what makes them tick. As the film unfolds one common truth begins to arise. The trick to living a fulfilling life comes down to finding what your passionate about and doing it.

In 2015 Birds Eye Optics was given the chance to make a short film about adaptive sports. Kirk assembled a team of friends and fellow filmmakers to help him put his idea into fruition. Boundless originated started as a story about turning the perceptions of disabilities upside down. As the project unfolded though, we quickly realized that the real story was merely having a passion and pursuing it.. disabled or not. Our team here at Birds Eye Optics has a passion for what we do and we’d like to think it shows.

Special thanks to our amazing production crew:
Adam Rosenberg
Buddy Thomas
Ian Blei
Kirk Williams

And athletes:
Jake O’Connor
Jason Regier
Adam Scaturro

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